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Welcome to Beth Ross Buckley Photography!

When I work/play with people, whether it’s photographing a musician, a career professional or a family portrait – what I thrive on is bringing out the essence of every individual.  My goal is to relax and distract you so that when you see the final images – you will see a side of yourself that you possibly haven’t seen before and be inspired. This means that you get to shine beyond the photo as it’s all about the capture of your true essence in images that bring to light the best in you.

I am quite confident that my clients will love their photos.  I have heard many, many times that “I can’t think of any photo I’ve had taken in the past that I liked – thank you so much Beth, I LOVE my portraits.”

You’ll also find me performing with my chamber group, Camarada, throughout the San Diego area. If you’re ever at a concert, stop by and say hi!

Please say hello by using the contact form, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

“Beth is one of those rare individuals who can cut right to the heart of the matter – she has a gift for seeing beyond the surface layer, and right into the essence of who you are.”